Hop & Vine 

If you don’t feel like reading, here’s the short version: OMG so good! Locally owned and sourced. But Alamo Ranch.

For those of you still reading…

It is true- I really liked Hop and Vine.  I don’t make it a habit to frequent places so far from the center of the city anymore but I heard really good things about H&V so we decided to make a trip out there.  The restaurant is located in the Alamo Ranch shopping center.  For those of you who don’t know, basically every possible chain restaurant (and store) is located in Alamo Ranch.  So when I heard about a locally owned, operated, and sourced restaurant that popped up in the shopping center, I was intrigued.

Everything we had was so delicious and fresh.  The fruit parfait looked simple, but it was a perfect balance of sweet/tart fruit with yogurt and topped with fresh made cream.  I love avocado toast but I questioned the pairing of avocado with strawberries on toast, but it turned out to be so good.  I cannot resist trying the chicken and waffles if it’s on the menu and yesterday was no different.  It was difficult to decide what I liked best about their version- the boneless, fried chicken pieces, the bacon waffle (yes, a pieces of bacon were thrown in the waffle maker with the batter), or the spicy maple syrup.  But together, it was fantastic.  My friends also enjoyed the poutine, eggs benedict and the bacon,egg, and avocado sandwich.

And for the most important topic of all- Mimosas.  When a lot of places today charge way too much for OJ and champagne, H&V gets it right.  You can get either a single glass for $2 or a carafe for $5.  Of course we chose the carafe!  A trip to Hop & Vine is so worth it.  I’ll have to figure out when I can get back there to try out the dinner menu.

Hop & Vine – if you’re reading this, pretty please open a second location inside Loop 410?!

Thanks to my brunch mates who patiently let me take pictures of their food and try a few bites here and there!

   Farmers parfait- homemade granola, honey infused vanilla yogurt, fresh fruit
 Strawberry avocado toast with red wine balsamic reduction cation and basil 

 Chicken & Waffle -boneless fried chicken with bacon waffle with spicy maple sauce
 Breakfast poutine- cheese curds, brown gravy, brisket with over easy eggs on top of French fries

 B.E.A.S.T. – bacon, egg, avocado, sprouts, fried green tomato

 Texas map of Hop and Vine’s local Texas suppliers

Pro-tip #1- If you’re planning on going with a larger group, I’d recommend getting a reservation because it’s a smaller restaurant.
You can view their full menu at http://www.hopandvinesa.com or follow them on Facebook or on Instagram @hopandvinesa



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