Hi, I’m Christina.

I’m a San Antonio native or as I often say when asked where I’m from- born and raised! If you’ve been in San Antonio for any period of time, the next question that is always asked of anyone who grew up here is “Where did you go to high school?”  I went to Roosevelt – GO ROUGH RIDERS!


I’m a thirty-something (bordering on late thirty-something but that’s none of your business) who enjoys the local food and drink scene in my city.  I am always out trying new places or visiting the long list of favorites spots I have found.   I absolutely love giving people recommendations for where to go.  Want to know a great brunch spot?  Looking for date night ideas?  Who’s got the best michelada in the city?  I will give you my opinion or do the research to find out!   My goal is to help show everyone who doesn’t know that this city has so much more to offer than chain restaurants and bars.  I want to encourage people to get out try something different and support local businesses.  So that is what I’ll mostly be writing about.

friendship torch

Send me your recommendations- I’m always looking for something new and fun to try.


PS.  If you don’t know what a “michelada” is, we need to talk ASAP.