2017 Favorites

bexar pub

2017 was great for the food and drink scene in San Antonio.  I had so much fun trying out new spots that opened this year as well as seeing my favorites continue to thrive.  One thing I can admit to- if I like it, I’ll come back again and again. Check out my list of favorite food and drink spots for 2017.

Top Restaurants


Periphery is a hidden gem that shouldn’t be so hidden.  They have garnered some attention for their roasted chicken, which is amazing, but the rest of Chef Mark Weaver’s menu is pretty great too.  On top of that, they have a pretty kick-ass happy hour that includes $5 cocktails and wine by the glass.  I’m planning on doing a full review soon but in the meantime, put Periphery on your short list of spots to check out.


Kings Highway Brew & Q

If I am asked for a BBQ recommendation, I will always respond with Kings Highway.  Hands down, this is my favorite BBQ restaurant in San Antonio.  Pitmaster Emo and his wife, Christi, serve up Tex Mex style BBQ with some of the best brisket to be found in the city.  I previously wrote about how much I love their food and nothing has changed.  Follow them on Facebook or give them a call before heading over for lunch or dinner because they frequently sell out- a sure sign of great food.


This is another restaurant that has been open for a while now that I have previously professed my love for their food which you can read here.  What can I say? Fratellos just consistently makes great food.  It’s the perfect spot for lunch or a simple dinner.  My favorites include the Lombardo (fried chicken sandwich with arugula, roasted tomatoes, and mozzarella) and the Bolognese.  Jonathan always opts for the La Griglia salad (grilled chicken over arugula and roasted veggies). They also have this amazing basil tres leches cake that you must try.


Sichuan House

This is one of the few places that can get me to make a drive outside of 410.  Simply put, the food is amazing.  Everything we have tried is so flavorful and delicious.  Plus- you can BYOB for a $10 corking fee!  I recommend ordering the garlic spicy cold noodles, hot and sour soup, cucumbers, spicy and savory fried fish, and the pork belly.  Not sure what to order?  Just ask the staff who are always happy to recommend their best dishes.

Outlaw Kitchen

We have only been to Outlaw Kitchen twice since it has opened and were blown away each time by the meal we had. I now frequently stalk their Facebook page to see what is on their changing weekly menu so we can go back again soon. This super cute restaurant is an old renovated house in Alta Vista. Part restaurant, part house- the owner and chef live there as well. The house is surrounded by a patio and the chef’s garden. The last time we visited, we really enjoyed the seafood stew (pictured below) and finished off the meal with a piece of chocolate flour-less cake. So good!

Top Bars

La Roca Cantina

How do I love La Roca? Let me count the ways….

Want to drink great cocktails? Want to grab a quick beer? Looking for a spot to have a party? Want to hear a DJ on a Saturday night? Need a spot to watch the Spurs?  Then this is definitely where you need to be. We normally do the house party thing but this year, we’ll be ringing in 2018 with our friends at La Roca.  Full review coming soon!

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The Pink Flamenco! #pinkdrank

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Juniper Tar

Two words: Martini Sucio.  It’s basically the best dirty martini ever.  The guys at Juniper Tar mix up this awesome martini and so many others.  Pick a cocktail from their menu or try something new from their huge liquor selection, either way you can’t go wrong.  I love hanging out in this old funky building.  Go and enjoy Juniper Tar now…I’m thinking when that new Frost tower opens, it won’t be on the quite side of Houston street anymore.

Juniper Tar


We didn’t really go to Brooklynite all that much until this year when we re-discovered their happy hour, especially Whiskey Wednesday.  I prefer this spot during happy hour when it’s not as crowded and you can grab a spot at the bar.  I wrote about their specials earlier this year right before they celebrated their 5 year anniversary.  Congrats Brooklynite!

Bexar Pub

Guys, I really miss Folc.  I daydream about the pea toast.  I once tried to re-create it and it was no where near the original.  Thankfully, Chef Luis Colon and team opened Bexar Pub this year.  It doesn’t fully heal my Folc broken heart, but it does a great job of helping me to forget.  Bexar Pub is a great spot to grab drinks and yes, food!  You can get the famous Folc burger as well as fried chicken and nachos.  They have one of the best views of downtown from an expansive patio that is made for a happy hour watching the sun set.

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Finally trying out @bexarpub_satx's new food menu!

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And that’s it- my favorite eat and drink spots of 2017.  I can’t wait to see what the new year brings for San Antonio. Goodbye 2017 and Cheers to 2018!



Whiskey Wednesday!


It’s Wednesday. It’s humpday.  That means we’re half way done, weekend warriors!

I have recently re-discovered the wonders of The Brooklynite, which is a great bar near downtown San Antonio, for it’s awesome happy hour specials. For all of my whiskey drinking friends, it is also the place to be on a Wednesday.

First up, happy hour.  Specials include cocktails for $6 (including old fashioned, moscow mule, brooklynite, fitzgerald, brown derby, and a rotating classic),  wells and 1&1’s for $5.  You can also get $3 Alamo beer or $4 Hopadillo IPA.  Happy hour specials are available from 4pm to 8pm, Monday through Saturday and 8pm to close on Sundays.


Now on to the whiskey.  Full disclosure- I don’t drink whiskey but feel like it is my duty to share this information with all of you who do partake in a glass (or few).  All whiskies, bourbons, and scotches are 25% off ALL WEDNESDAY NIGHT LONG.  Perfect chance to try out something you haven’t had before, right?

Can’t make it out on Wednesday? No worries, BKSA has you covered the rest of the week.  Be sure to check out their specials on Cheap Ass Mondays for $5 select classic cocktails, $3 Alamo Golden Ale, and $2 Lone Star.  On Tuesdays, they throw the original Tiki Tuesday party in town.

The Brooklynite is also about to celebrate a milestone.  Be sure to head out and grab a drink on Friday, October 20th for their 5th anniversary.  I’m always up for celebrating local businesses and their continued success.

Cheers, y’all!




Bloody Mary, Michelada, Oh My!

Is it Friday yet? It’s a short work week for me which means it feels like the longest week ever. I’m already thinking about weekend plans for brunch and patio day drinking in San Antonio’s version of fall weather.

Something about the weekend is perfect for enjoying a Bloody Mary or Michelada.  On paper they sound terrible right? Tomato juice and vodka or beer? But throw in olive juice, hot sauce, Worcestershire, some garnish and we have a whole new ballgame. Lucky for me, my favorites are located within 3.7 miles of where I live (yes, I checked) so I’m never too far from enjoying greatness.

Here are my favorites. First up, Micheladas.


When putting this list together, I found three different Instagram posts of mine about this Michelada. I really like it, y’all.  The house made mix is so delicious and they serve them in huge schooners. Plus, they are only $5 during happy hour where you can also get free chips and queso.  Win/Win!

chisme michi


Normally, I have a very strict rule that Micheladas MUST be made with Mexican beer.  But for this beauty, I allow an exception.  I am a huge #supportlocal advocate so they get points for using their own brewed beer.  The mix is excellent and the garnish game is always on point. Hello shrimp!

southerleigh bm

And on to Bloody Marys….

Liberty Bar

There are so many things I love about Liberty Bar. I love the pink exterior of the building. I love those little brown cookies they serve you.  I love the pasta and omelette plates of the day. I love half-price bottles of wine on Mondays. But I reaaalllly love their Bloody Mary. Like most things at Liberty Bar, the mix is housemade and it is really good.  You can grab one half-off during Saturday brunch. Because that hangover isn’t going away on it’s own, right?

liberty bar bloody

Pig Pen/Smoke Shack

Garnish, garnish, garnish!  Guys, it’s a brisket garnish! Enough said.

smoke shack bloody


And for good measure, here’s a tribute to a couple of our fallen all-stars.

Behold Lüke’s picture (and drool) worthy Bloody Mary that was complimented by a beer chaser.  RIP Lüke.

Stay Golden’s Michelada used to be served with a chamoy stick as garnish.  I can’t wait for Still Golden to open up.


Let me know who makes your favorites around town.  Who’s thirsty now?



Do You Have Your Fiesta Wreath Yet?

We are officially one week away from the kick off of Fiesta 2017 and I am so excited!

If you take Fiesta serious like me and some of my other friends, you have probably had your own Fiesta wreath on your front door and papel picado hanging for a few weeks now.  If not, don’t worry-  there is still plenty of time to pick up your decorations to get ready for our city’s biggest party of the year.  Here are a few of my favorite places in town to shop for Fiesta decorations.

Fiesta on Main


Fiesta on Main is the motherland for all things Fiesta.  As soon as you walk in, you’ll feel like Fiesta has exploded everywhere!  Not only can you find every possible type of decoration or items to make wreaths and hats, they also have so many options for dresses and shirts.  Room after room is filled from top to bottom with flowers, streamers, papel picado, ribbons, piñatas, confetti, and other trinkets.  Plan to spend some time at this store if you stop by!


Find out more on their website or follow them on Facebook.



The great thing about Amols’ is that you can find party decorations for any occasion so put it on your shopping list the next time you need to decorate.  But for Fiesta, they take it to a whole other level with an entire room dedicated to Fiesta decorations.  While Fiesta on Main is my favorite store, it seems like some things at Amols’ are less expensive and it also appears that they  have more options for papel picado and other banners.  The only downside to shopping here is the parking situation.  There’s a few spots right in front otherwise you’ll need to find a spot somewhere on the nearby streets.


Check out everything Amols’ has to offer on their website or follow them on Facebook.

The Cascaron Store


I’ve seen this tiny store on Austin Highway so many times but never stopped in until this year and what a shame because I’ve been missing out.  My favorite things about this store are the huge piñatas and wreaths they make.  The store owner, who I spoke with during my last stop there, said they make everything themselves.  Our little apartment wouldn’t do them justice so I cannot wait to get a new wreath for our house next year.  They also carry one of a kind Spurs papel picado!


Stop by their store to see their huge assortment of decorated cascarones like Trump and Angry Birds seen above or visit their website to shop!


The Fiesta Store on Broadway

This is the official Fiesta store which means this is the place to get your Fiesta medals and many items decorated with the official Fiesta design.  While you can also find some different wreaths and papel picado, my first choice for those things is still either Fiesta on Main or Amols.  Also, real Fiesta maniacs know that this is also where you can buy event tickets and get information.  A beautiful new mural was just put up on the side of the building.  Be sure to stop by and check it out soon!



Be sure to keep an eye out for more Fiesta blog posts as we get closer and through out the 10 days.  You can also follow my Fiesta adventures on Instagram @bornandgraisedsa.

¡Viva Fiesta, y’all!




Year of the Margarita: Top 5


Someone must have known what they were doing when they decided National Margarita Day would be on February 22nd.  Normally, it’s cold outside in February so what better time to drink margaritas and dream about patio weather.  But we skipped winter in San Antonio this year and it’s expected to be warm, sunny and in the 80’s this week, which is the perfect patio drinking weather.

I’m on a quest to find the best margaritas this city has to offer this year.  I’ve already tasted quite a few and have learned a few things along the way.  In honor of National Margarita Day, I present my current top three favorites along with two margaritas from new spots to try out.

1st: Los Pepinos Vodka Margarita from The Fruteria

I know, I know.  It’s not traditional and it doesn’t even have tequila in it!  But, it’s so good, I just had to list it as my favorite margarita so far.  It is made with muddled cucumbers, Los Pepinos Infusion Vodka, fresh lime juice and rimmed with Tajin.  I don’t hesitate to tell anyone who asks that I’m not a huge fan of the food at the Johnny Hernandez restaurants.  The food can be hit or miss and sometimes service is lacking.  Also, they charge for chips and salsa which should be considered illegal in Texas.  But- you can always count on fresh juices and ingredients being used in all of their drinks and that pretty much guarantees a pretty tasty outcome.  In celebration of #nationalmargaritaday, you can pick up a margarita from any of his SA restaurants for $5!  That’s an excellent deal.


2nd: Chispa Tradicional from Sol Luna

Rule number one when drinking chispas at Sol Luna: Watch out- they will catch up to you quick!  This version of a margarita is rumored to also include Everclear.  I have not been able to confirm that 100% but it would explain why they seem to be so potent.  Not only does it have a good kick to it, the chispa is made with fresh lime juice as well and a salted rim.  Sol Luna is one of my favorite Mexican restaurants in San Antonio and a chispa pairs well with any dish.  Grab a seat on their shady patio and enjoy!


3rd:  Any margarita from Mi Tierra’s Mariachi Bar

I don’t care what the haters say- I love Mi Tierra and Mariachi Bar!  Some of it is nostalgia from eating there all of the time with my family growing up but come on, how can you not love a place that looks like Fiesta and Christmas 365 days a year 24/7???  Any margarita (or drink for that matter) from Mi Tierra makes the top 3 on my list mainly because they get the job done and the energy and people watching at Market Square is so fun.  There’s always something interesting happening down there.



New find #1:  Classic Margarita from Chisme

I’m such a fan of Chisme, which is the newest addition to the St. Mary’s strip.  Their food is excellent and I am super excited to finally try out their brunch menu this weekend.  I enjoyed the margarita here because it was simple- not too sweet and not too sour.  They have a fabulous outside bar and patio that is perfect for this weather.  Need another reason to love this place?  During happy hour, not only do you get free chips and salsa (as it should be) but it also comes with free queso!


Love my medal? Get it in the SA Flavor store!

New find #2:  Margarita Clasico from El Mirador

So this one isn’t technically new, because El Mirador has been open since 1967.  But it was recently purchased by the same group that owns the Esquire downtown, renovated and re-opened.  I love how they kept the things that made this restaurant special and puro San Antonio while also bring a fresh new vibe to the place.  The classic margarita is great and easy to drink here.  It comes in a frozen version or on the rocks like I prefer.  What is really fun about this place is their expansive tequila and mezcal selection.  Take a seat at the bar, introduce yourself to the bartenders and ask for recommendations.  You won’t regret it.


So that’s it for now….hope you guys enjoy these margaritas as much as I do.  Send me your favorites so I can add them to the list to try out and review.

Want to get your own #missmargarita Fiesta 2017 medal?  You can find out more about the medal and how to get one here.

And as always, don’t be that pendejo who drinks and drives.  Hit me up if you want a code to Uber or Lyft for free rides!

Happy National Margarita Day, y’all