Bloody Mary, Michelada, Oh My!

Is it Friday yet? It’s a short work week for me which means it feels like the longest week ever. I’m already thinking about weekend plans for brunch and patio day drinking in San Antonio’s version of fall weather.

Something about the weekend is perfect for enjoying a Bloody Mary or Michelada.  On paper they sound terrible right? Tomato juice and vodka or beer? But throw in olive juice, hot sauce, Worcestershire, some garnish and we have a whole new ballgame. Lucky for me, my favorites are located within 3.7 miles of where I live (yes, I checked) so I’m never too far from enjoying greatness.

Here are my favorites. First up, Micheladas.


When putting this list together, I found three different Instagram posts of mine about this Michelada. I really like it, y’all.  The house made mix is so delicious and they serve them in huge schooners. Plus, they are only $5 during happy hour where you can also get free chips and queso.  Win/Win!

chisme michi


Normally, I have a very strict rule that Micheladas MUST be made with Mexican beer.  But for this beauty, I allow an exception.  I am a huge #supportlocal advocate so they get points for using their own brewed beer.  The mix is excellent and the garnish game is always on point. Hello shrimp!

southerleigh bm

And on to Bloody Marys….

Liberty Bar

There are so many things I love about Liberty Bar. I love the pink exterior of the building. I love those little brown cookies they serve you.  I love the pasta and omelette plates of the day. I love half-price bottles of wine on Mondays. But I reaaalllly love their Bloody Mary. Like most things at Liberty Bar, the mix is housemade and it is really good.  You can grab one half-off during Saturday brunch. Because that hangover isn’t going away on it’s own, right?

liberty bar bloody

Pig Pen/Smoke Shack

Garnish, garnish, garnish!  Guys, it’s a brisket garnish! Enough said.

smoke shack bloody


And for good measure, here’s a tribute to a couple of our fallen all-stars.

Behold Lüke’s picture (and drool) worthy Bloody Mary that was complimented by a beer chaser.  RIP Lüke.

Stay Golden’s Michelada used to be served with a chamoy stick as garnish.  I can’t wait for Still Golden to open up.


Let me know who makes your favorites around town.  Who’s thirsty now?




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