Adventures in Happy Hour

If you have ever hung out with me then you know one of my favorite recreational activities is happy hour.  It really just includes some of the best things about life, such as day drinking, winding down from work, catching up with friends while being surrounded by pretty good deals on drinks and eats.  Naturally, I get asked often where my favorite spots are.  Although, you’ll find me at TBA a lot (see my previous post about TBA to understand why), there are so many other places that I’d also recommend the next time you’re trying to figure out where you and your happy hour crew should go.

Here’s a few of my favorites and why I like them so much.


Barbaro really deserves a full blog post on its own because it is one of my favorite places for dinner, lunch, brunch and drinks.  I describe Barbaro to people who have never been as “eclectic and different pizza” because although you could order a “normal” pizza, you definitely don’t want to when they have put together a menu of outstanding different pizza options.  But what makes Barbaro a top happy hour destination?  THE DRINKS, of course!  First, along side the amazing food menu, Barbaro boasts a wonderful bar with a full and interesting cocktail list.  They also carry a huge liquor selection in case one of the cocktails doesn’t catch your eye.  Want craft beer?  They have a rotating list you will be able to find something good to try. 

Happy hour specials run EVERY DAY (yes, Saturday and Sunday) from 3pm to 6pm.  And to the delight of many Barbaro HH enthusiasts, about two weeks ago they brought back their all day happy hour on Tuesdays.  Totally perfect for when the beginning of the week is rough.   Happy hour specials at Barbaro.  $5 house cocktails FTW!

White bean dip,  Dukkah, flat bread, olive oil.

 My favorite cocktail at Barbaro is the So Fancy- Lillet, vodka and gin with a grapefruit garnish.  Can you say boozy?

Pro-tip # 1:  Parking is a pain at Barbaro because the little parking lot fills up fast.  Don’t drive if you don’t have to.  If you do have to drive, be careful parking in the neighborhood behind the restaurant so you don’t get towed.

Pro-tip #2:  Happy hour prices don’t include food but don’t let that stop you from grabbing some snacks from their menu like the olives and peppers or the white bean dip pictured above. The kitchen is closed from 2-4pm in case you happen to get there at that time.

Check out their full menu here: and follow them on Facebook and Instagram for specials and events.

Faust Tavern

Faust, which is located right off St. Mary’s on Woodlawn, is a go-to happy hour stop simply because their drink prices are so damn good all of the time, but especially during happy hour.  Grab a spot inside the little dark bar or sit with friends at a picnic table on the patio to enjoy a few drinks.  This place is less “fancy cocktail” and more of a place to get a good, cold, drink.  Their happy hour runs every day from 4pm to 9pm with so many specials to choose from but most notable are the $2 Lone Star tall boys (all day!)  and the $5 beer and shot combo where you get to choose from Lone Star, Pearl, Carta Blanca, High Life, Fireball, Fernet, Jim Beam, and Tequila.

Local foodie s.a.vory knows what’s up at Faust.

Pro-tip:  Faust is also home to one of the best kept secrets in town- Crossroads Kitchen.  Although, not on the menu currently, they have the best fried fish sandwich ever.  Be sure to grab something to snack on while you’re there.

Follow them on Facebook at



The reason Lüke’s happy hour is one of my favorites can be summed up in a single word: OYSTERS.

I know, I know…oysters are a “love them or hate them” thing.  If you love oysters like I do, then you must put Lüke on your list of happy hour goals. Happy hour runs from 3pm to 6pm where you can get Texas gulf oysters for $1 a piece. They also have specials on a daily tartine and slider that you can pair with one of their cocktails or beers on special.  Use happy hour as an excuse to try out their French 75 and you will not regret it.

Side note:  Let’s all take a moment of silence in memory of when the oysters at Lüke used to be $0.50 each during HH #goodoldays

Pro-tip:  You’re already complaining about downtown parking, right?  The solution to that problem is to make the trip for Downtown Tuesday where all city owned garages and lots offer free parking after 5pm.  Find out more about Downtown Tuesday here:

Find out more about this beautiful restaurant on their website: or follow them on Facebook and Instagram for everything happening there.

Other notable happy hours to consider are:

The Bang Bang Bar: Happy hour runs from 2pm to 8pm and it includes different daily specials where you can cool off inside and listen to the oldies they have jamming every day.

Amp Room: $2.50 you call it from 6pm to 9pm says all you need to know about this happy hour.

Francis Bogside:  Something in Southtown from the same owners as Blue Box.  They have specials all day Monday and Tuesday through Friday from 4pm to 7pm on wells, drafts, and $4 Jameson shots!
What are your favorite happy hour spots?  I’d love to try something new out if you think I’d like it!

– CL


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