Let’s Fiesta, San Antonio!

Hey San Antonio!  It’s that time of year again- Fiesta 2016!

If you’ve been in this town for any period of time, then you probably already knew that.  I read a Facebook post earlier this week where someone said “we can feel it in the air!” and they couldn’t be more right.  Let’s face it, although the festivities don’t officially begin until later today, the party has already begun.  For the last two weeks there were Fiesta medal launch parties popping up all over the place (my collection is out of control!), houses and businesses are decorated with papel picado, and I just received a Chicken on a Stick cookie!

It’s my favorite time of year.  Yes, even more than Christmas.  Who else out there has their yearly Fiesta staycation all lined up?  This year you will catch me at the usual events- Fiesta Fiesta for Pin Pandemonium, Market Square, Oyster Bake, The River Parade, NIOSA, The Battle of Flowers Parade, King William Fair, and the Fiesta Flambeau Parade.  I’m also going to be trying out a few new events I have never been to like the Deco Festival, Chilli Queen Fest, and Cornyation (yes, I know- I’ve never been!).

For those of you who don’t know, Fiesta started as a single parade to honor the memory of the heroes of the Alamo and the Battle of San Jacinto but has grown to 11 days of parties, festivals, parades, and so many other events.  It is also now referred to as the “Party with a Purpose” because official Fiesta events raise funds for various charities and services through out the city.  Fiesta 2016 is the 125th anniversary of Fiesta!

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One of my favorite pictures event though the Hemisphere Arch is no longer there- wasn’t she so pretty all dressed up for Fiesta?

A few Fiesta virgins have asked me about where to go that would be a good first time event and my recommendation is the Southwest School of Art Festival this Saturday and Sunday (4/16 & 4/17) or Tuesday night at NIOSA.  For NIOSA, get there before gates open to grab good parking (or even better- grab an uber) and walk in when the gates open.  It’s usually less crowded on Tuesdays so you’ll be able to walk around and enjoy before the craziness starts.  The lines for the chicken on a stick and the anticucho get really long- be sure to hit those booths up early to avoid the lines.

What would you recommend to Fiesta first-timers?

NIOSA 2015

NIOSA 2015 with Valdez family and friends

NIOSA 2014 fam

NIOSA 2014 with Vera family and friends

You must get a Chicken on a Stick- find them at Oyster Bake or at NIOSA in the Froggy Bottom area.


Follow me on Instagram @mrs_liserio for fun events and Fiesta information.

You can buy your own chicken on a stick cookie (plus other cute Fiesta inspired cookies) here-  https://www.facebook.com/nancysfancycookies/?fref=ts

Check out this link to find a full list of events-  http://www.fiesta-sa.org/events

Looking for the free events? Check here-  http://www.mysanantonio.com/fiesta/article/Fiesta-for-free-30-events-that-don-t-charge-7226466.php#photo-4494858






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