Coffee with a View at Paramour

To start with, I will say that Paramour is one of my favorite coffee spots.  But I’ll be completey honest- I was kind of disappointed the first time I went to Paramour because of the vibe and crowd it attracted.  It is such a beautifully built and decorated bar with a HUGE selection of beer and liquor to choose from but it reminded me that the atmosphere of a bar really makes a difference.  When I found out that they decided to start a coffee program, I got excited to go back and give the place another try.  So we went back and now it’s one of my favorite morning spots for coffee. 

Even on a cloudy day, you can’t beat this view in SA. 

When it comes to coffee, I’m pretty simple.  I like strong, dark roasted black coffee.  So when I go to Paramour, I order the drip coffee (which comes with a free refill).  Their menu contains most of the standard items you’d expect for a coffee bar so you should find something you like easily.  They also have some special things like the Americanski which is a tiny americano (watch out that glass is really hot when served!).  I’ve also tried a hot jasmine tea and an iced mocha which were both very good.  They have added drinks like an Irish coffee and bloody Mary’s to the menu which are perfect for some day drinking.  Everything is prepared on demand and with attention to detail so it’s not a place for a quick cup of coffee- it’s a perfect place to spend some time relaxing and checking out the view.

The bar, located on the 4th floor of the Phipps Building, is beautifully decorated and has plenty of couches and chairs.

Another reason I like this place for coffee so much is the people who work there.  It doesn’t hurt that Jesse, the Manager of the Coffee Program, and the rest of the baristas are incredibly knowledgable and super friendly.  If you have any questions about the menu, ask away.

Irish coffee- Irish whiskey, espresso, demerera sugar, heavy cream.

Pro-tip #1:  Parking can be tricky here especially if it’s more crowded.  There is some street parking available or valet (at night) if nothing is open in walking distance that you’re cool with.  As always, I’ll recommend taking an Uber. Also, be prepared to hike it up 4 flights of stairs since it seems like the elevator is often not available for use.  Hey, taking the stairs is good for you.

Pro-tip #2:  This is a great spot to get some work done.  Bring your laptop and grab a spot at the bar.  There are plugs installed underneath the bar so you don’t have to worry about running out of power.  I’ve also seen others use this as a meeting spot.

Find them on Facebook or at

– CL


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